How do I obtain a license to operate a business on District property?
The District manages pier, beach and harbor operations in Port San Luis and Avila Beach. New business proposals are considered annually each fall in response to the District's Request for Proposals for Licenses (RFP), and the approved licenses become effective on January 1 of the next calendar year.

The next RFP for licenses is anticipated to be released in September.

The District issues annual licenses to a limited number of movable vendors and concessionaires who have responded to the RFP. A movable vendor is defined as:

“Concessionaires selling or renting beach gear (e.g., suntan lotion, beach chairs) or providing services (e.g., event planners, instructors) or other products from portable stands, carts, or other facilities that are removed from the site after business hours. A movable vendor does not have real property rights.”

Note: San Luis Obispo County Parks Department manages the Plaza (promenade) and Park in Avila Beach. Contact the Parks Department at (805) 781-5200 for information on commercial activities in these areas.

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