Harbor Terrace

In 1978, the District purchased the site now known as Harbor Terrace, intending for the land to be financially and physically supportive of District operations.  With permits in place and a developer/operator identified the project is moving forward towards the conclusion of a development and lease agreement.  The project timeline from signed lease to grand opening is a conservative 2 years.  Once development is completed, Harbor Terrace will feature space for marine gear and boat storage, District uses and overnight accommodations, including the more rustic walk–in tent camping, to RV sites and self-contained cabins.  The site will also feature commercial space and swimming pool.  While maintaining its essential functions in support of coastal dependent uses, the project will also increase visitor access to the District and the coast, and provide revenue to further support District operations.

Flying Flags Avila Beach at Port San Luis

Harbor Terrace Project Groundbreaking Ceremony - January 21, 2020

50 Year Ground Lease with RTA Harbor Terrace, LLC    Ground Lease Exhibits 

Harbor Terrace Design Package by RRM Design Group - May 28, 2019

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